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Here are a few featured places and restaurants near our location. Below you will find links to an  exhaustive list of Food/Fishing/Museums/Playgrounds etc. from our partners at even has a full list of all major upcoming events. You can see their list further below or check out their website to learn more about what you can do in Pass Christian and surrounding areas.

Shaggy's in Pass Christian Harbor

Located in the heart of the scenic Pass Christian Harbor is the original Shaggy’s restaurant, which opened in 2007. The fun, island-style atmosphere is a favorite among locals and vacationers. You’ll enjoy the delicious food, great fun, wonderful water views.


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Bacchus On The Beach

The perfect example of Mississippi coastal foods. Bacchus is as authentic as it can get. A great menu with items for every budget. Located on Scenic Drive right outside the heart of Pass Christian. Any day / any time is the perfect time to check out Bacchus on the Beach.


Jospeh "Joe Cat" Catalanotto Memorial Fishing Pier

Our favorite pier in Pass Christian is conveniently located right near Shaggys, Sea Level, and other great food locations. They are so close you can walk to them. The Joe Cat pier extends well out from the harbor to give you access to multiple different depths for fishing.


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Fresh sea food, and almost any other type of food you're looking for. Pass Christian offers some of the best local food around. Fish caught fresh in the morning, breakfast, lunch, dinner, anything you're looking for, you can probably find here. "Click here" to see where you can eat right now.

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Deep sea fishing, fishing off the dock, tackle shops, fishing memorabilia. Being next to the beach has its perks, and one of the biggest perks is fishing. You can catch your next meal, fish for sport, or even fish in your leisure time. In Pass Christian, we offer places to fish for what you're looking for. "Click here" to see all the fishing we offer. 

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Pass Christian offers a multitude of museums that cover a large variety of subjects. Museums of art, fashion, WWII, Mardi Gras, and many more line our coastline. With Pass Christian's rich history of the New Orleans upper echelon, historical mansions can be seen along with farms and other articles of history.

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Parks and Playgrounds

Pass Christian offers many open and natural areas packed with fun activities for families. Aside from natural beauty, Pass Christian also has many water parks and playgrounds where families can kick back and have a good time. 

Looking for local events?

You are only a short drive from tons of entertainment options. Take a look at all the things going on in our area:


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